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Welcome to Assisting Children of Prison Parents

Welcome to Assisting Children of Prison Parents

Welcome to Assisting Children of Prison ParentsWelcome to Assisting Children of Prison ParentsWelcome to Assisting Children of Prison Parents

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Assisting Children Of Prison Parents (ACOPP) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, incorporated under the State of Missouri statutes. We provide quality social, psychological, developmental and educational services to children of incarcerated parents, as well as restoring communities to environmentally safe status. All seminars/workshops will be facilitated by educated skilled professionals with accountable experience and knowledge of the subject matter. Supervision of all youth sessions will be conducted by experienced staff. Program participants will be accepted via referrals from educational institutions, social service agencies, courts, outreach and self-enrollment. At the outset, groups should average 10-15 children, that will be grouped according to age and needs. We will work closely with referral agents in terms of assessment and evaluation of the children.

Now ACOPP is an on-going project that work with the children as well as parents that are incarcerated, in order to strengthen family ties. Groups of 10-15 children will be engaged in tutoring, home-work sessions, study sessions, arts classes, physical activities, field trips, trips to visit their parents and other programs that will afford the children opportunities that are not available when a parent is incarcerated. We will be open on Saturday, between 10 AM and 5 PM at the ACOPP site, located at 4313 Shreve Ave. St. Louis , Mo. 63115 .You are welcome to call our after hours support at 314-265-6414.  In addition, our staff will work with children and parents at schools, jails and other institutions. Each activity will be facilitated by trained, certified, qualified experts (in the respective fields) that have years of successful experience in working with our specific populations. 


CEO, Hakee Mitchell

My name is Hakee Mitchell, Founder and President of ACOPP.  I have served 10 years in prison for defending my sister from her abusive boyfriend.  I am also an ex-drug dealer and gang member who knows what it is like to grow up on the violent streets of Metropolitan St. Louis, Missouri. During my prison sentence I learned that it was not cool being incarcerated and separated from my children, Akeeya and Darion. I was devastated that I could not see my children grow up the first half of their childhood. So I began to pray diligently for forgiveness and I asked God too reveal too me the purpose that He intended for my life. That is when I received  the vision too establish ACOPP and Second Chance STL. Since being released from prison on June 17, 2006, I have put all of my thoughts on serving God and being a good father to my children. On July 2, 2008 I founded ACOPP and promised God that I would support as many youth as I can through my ministry and also as many adults that I can through the Second Chance ministry. I thank God for blessing ACOPP to grow tremendously within the last 10 years. I welcome all United States residents to join me in ministry by supporting, volunteering, and partnering with us.


Thank You

Whether you help through monetary donations, volunteering your time, or spreading our mission through word-of-mouth, thank you. We couldn't accomplish our goals without the help of supporters like you. 

Our Programs & Services

Sponsor A Child


Change for a Change is our youth entreprenuership program. Started in 2015 we began partnering each of our youth with a trained, qualified and registered mentor. Together their job is too scout and solicit for sponsors and donations too aid each child in financing their academic and entreprenuership career. We then teach and instruct each child on how too work together too invest their money into collectively starting a small business. They learn how too open up a bank account and keep a ledger of their profit and expenses...




Somewhere in this building there is a safe hidden with an undisclosed amount of money. You will have 30 minutes to find it and escape  from the VAULT!!!

WE ARE HEARD Youth Program


ACOPP's "Heard" program was written by Hakee & Shameca Mitchell in 2013. It was initiated in St. Louis, Mo. and funded by the City of St. Louis Department of Public Safety & The Old Newsboy Day Foundation. The Heard program is designed for children ages 7 - 16 in order to give them an unbiased platform to be heard without the fear of being judged, ridiculed or ignored. In the Heard program children are encouraged to freely express themselves in a respectable and articulate manner. Each child is allowed to learn and grow at their own personal rate of development and carefully observed in order to pin point their natural talents. Once their talents have been recognized those abilities are nurtured and cultivated to there fullest potentials. Then we carefully guide our children into activities that are conducive to enhancing their abilities until their talent is developed into a skill.

Youth Car Wash

Heard Program car wash



We Are Heard summer trip 2015



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