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Assisting Children of Prison Parents

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Man condemns, but God redeeems...That's why we believe in giving people a second chance!

Ask me about...Project Shake da Lou...

Our plan is too get people trained and mentally prepared to relocate them and their family out of St. Louis by the end of 2018...We will equip Men/Women who are 21 or older with the knowledge, resources and entrepreneur spirit too start a business in any city in America...If you can make it in St. Louis, you can be successful anywhere, you just need a little help too #ShakedaLOU...Register now for our 2018 classes...call (314) 265-6414

Excerpt from ACOPP/Second Chance STL Job Readiness Guide...


 "Spare Time” What do you do with your unused minutes; our so-called, lost time? Do you realize that books can be written and degrees may be obtained by the proper use of this time? Such spare time may be the few minutes while waiting for or traveling by train, plane or bus. Would you call this spare time or dead time? 15 minutes a day = 11 full days a year; 30 minutes a day = 22 full days a year, which is more than one month of working time.